Egg rolls are yummy goodness

Egg rolls are yummy goodness

I absolutely enjoy a hot egg roll. I personally don’t make them from scratch. That is a little too rustic for me. I love them fresh from my favorite Chinese place. You won’t believe this, but the egg rolls that Jack in the box makes are pretty darn good too! I also love them from my freezer.😁 


I like to make them in lieu of a full meal. When they are right out of the oven and super crispy, steam puffing out when you break the crust, that simply is the best. Do you need just a snack while watching your favorite show? Pop several into the oven and in 15-20 minutes, yummy  goodness and hunger stops dead in its tracks.

These small bakers are perfect for serving a single egg roll. I like to put a small amount of soy sauce in the bottom and then place my egg roll right in there. I don't use a whole lot though. I use just enough to season each bite. I prefer duck sauce, not the sweet and sour sauce. There is a difference to me besides color. Now that you know how I egg roll, how do you egg roll? 

I Buy Polish Pottery to Make Myself Feel Better

I Buy Polish Pottery to Make Myself Feel Better

It’s true and it always does😁. Some people like shoes. I may have 8 pair. Shoes, don’t make me feel better. Mostly, they make my feet hot and sweaty. Polish Pottery on the other hand is beautiful, cheaper than drugs, doesn’t spike my glucose, and always puts a huge smile on my face, even years after I originally bought it.


Online shopping. What more is there to say? How convenient life has gotten in the Twenty First century! Y’all, I LOVE some online shopping.💙 I can shop in my pajamas, at 2 in the morning, and never even open my wallet or leave my bed. If that is not the second most fantastic thing in the world, I don’t know what is. Of course, Polish Pottery is the first most fantastic thing in the world😉.


The excitement of waiting on a goodie to get to the house. You know exactly what I am talking about. I have several goodies inbound right now, and I swear to you on my mama, that I am like a little kid waiting for Santa to hurry his hefty butt up and pop down the chimney with presents.😂 I love the feeling of impending goodie arrival. Fed Ex, UPS, DHL, USPS I love seeing them rolling up my street, hearing the breaks creaking as they stop in front of my house. I always thank my delivery people for their service, as I try to act like an adult. Meanwhile, my inner 6 year old is losing her ever living mind.


Back in the old days, before the “Rona”, I’d just rip into my boxes like a crazed lunatic. Now, I compose myself and disinfect my mail before it comes into my home. 🤷‍♀️ I got health issues and stray germs, I am not playing with you. No Sir! Once clean, then my inner six year old can go wild. I love the sound of tape being cut, all the different bubble wraps flying through the air, the feel of plastic wrap giving way in my hands, as new piece of Polish Pottery is excavated from its confining protective shipping box.


I revel in the happiness my Polish Pottery brings me. It is always so beautiful. It is always so happy and full of joy. And these are the reasons I love it so. No matter how I feel, the pottery I buy always makes me feel even better.  I hope that I can help you feel better by getting a brand new piece of Polish Pottery too; please use the code BLOG20 and receive 20% off your purchase over $50.00 of regular priced items. (Not applied to already discounted or on sale  items) now through July 8th. Enjoy and be happy🎉

Staying Home IS Fun

Staying Home IS Fun

I have been sticking close to home these days. I have been cooking more, serving more, and using my Polish Pottery in some unexpected ways. Finding things to keep yourself occupied when leaving home is not an option, can be rather challenging. You can leave home, we are not in a true lock down situation.  However, I feel that with my health issues, it is for my safety, to just stay home more often than not.  Therefore, I am using my Polish Pottery to keep myself entertained.


Y’all, I put pottery into my pond. I sure did😁 that happened. I needed a smaller pot. Did I have one? No! I am not going to the hardware store to buy a pot these days. Just no. So, I came inside, grabbed a lesser used Polish Pottery mug and proceed to plant a water lily bulb in it. It is beautiful. My water lily seems to like it. It has put up several lily pads in under 10 days. Hopefully my water will be clear when it decides to bloom. I want to see the beautiful citrus yellow flower floating above the beautiful cobalt of my mug. Fingers crossed it will happen this season.


My husband and I paint. Under more normal circumstances I would use a glass of water to dip my brush into. These days, nope. Not to mention, I don’t have glasses any more. I have been using my pretty pottery bowls. They are glazed, 🤷‍♀️why not use them for inspiration every time I change to a new color? Looking at their beauty and the creative use of color and design is actually an inspirational thing. I think my Polish Pottery makes me a better artist.


Cleaning. Oh, I know it is the worst. But, not with Polish Pottery! I have some rather annoying little cleaning issues and tasks that were left for me by previous residents. Here again, my pottery has saved the day. It made a drudgery chore much easier and prettier to deal with. I have been using my rice bowl to hold bleaching solution. It makes the job not so horrible a task. Because, even though I am cleaning, at least it is with style and beauty, not just chemical bottles and scrub brushes.


How are you using your Polish Pottery to make these days better? Prettier? More inspirational? Ewa is offering a 20% off a $50.00 purchase until June 15th, with the code JUNE20.