Our Pottery

Our Polish pottery is made from special high-quality clay found only in Boleslawiec, and fired at a searing temperature of 2,246 degrees Fahrenheit until it becomes hard as stone, making it scratch and chip resistant, microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe, and oven safe up to 475° F. However, as with all stoneware one should avoid sudden, extreme changes in temperature. For example, pieces fresh out of the dishwasher should be allowed to cool before being placed in a freezer.

Our pieces are also lead and cadmium free, and certified by FDA to be food safe. Furthermore, all of our pieces have received a transparent, protective glaze to protect the hand-painted artisan details of the designs to prevent wear and tear caused by food sticking. The non-porous nature of Boleslawiec stoneware makes the baking dishes easy to clean and maintain, while making them durable to withstand heavy daily use.

These hand-created, individually painted pieces signed by the the artist—as with our Eva’s Collection pieces—are called UNIKAT. And due to their handmade nature, the designs and color details of these pieces may vary from piece to piece.

Why not make use of a durable yet beautiful Boleslawiec stoneware piece in your home today?

Ewa Arreola,
Arreola Designs Inc.

our Polish pottery artisans at work