Egg rolls are yummy goodness

by Dawn Hoff

I absolutely enjoy a hot egg roll. I personally don’t make them from scratch. That is a little too rustic for me. I love them fresh from my favorite Chinese place. You won’t believe this, but the egg rolls that Jack in the box makes are pretty darn good too! I also love them from my freezer.😁 


I like to make them in lieu of a full meal. When they are right out of the oven and super crispy, steam puffing out when you break the crust, that simply is the best. Do you need just a snack while watching your favorite show? Pop several into the oven and in 15-20 minutes, yummy  goodness and hunger stops dead in its tracks.

These small bakers are perfect for serving a single egg roll. I like to put a small amount of soy sauce in the bottom and then place my egg roll right in there. I don't use a whole lot though. I use just enough to season each bite. I prefer duck sauce, not the sweet and sour sauce. There is a difference to me besides color. Now that you know how I egg roll, how do you egg roll? 

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