New Year’s Resolutions

by Dawn Hoff

So, every year most people make resolutions, for goals and aspirations in the new year. I hear lots of: “I am not...insert various words year.” I gave up making negative resolutions many years ago. Resolutions that indicate that something was bad in my life and now it has to be changed, corrected, altered, or adjusted.  Why make myself feel badly about how last year went down?🤷‍♀️


“I resolve to buy specific items of Polish Pottery this year. Pieces that complement the collection I procured last year.” Now doesn’t that sound like a worthy resolution? 👍🏻 I have never been a good responder to negative stimuli, telling myself I shouldn’t and can’t. That only makes me sad and depressed. What happens when I am depressed? You guessed it, I break negative set goals at the freaking speed of light. “I shouldn’t eat chocolate this year,” gurl, I will be making a 2am run to Wal-mart for the biggest bag of chocolate on the planet😳. Now, if I set a positive goal of, “I can eat 1 piece of chocolate daily.” This is a reasonable positive goal, that I can actually achieve for myself.


We all make jokes about putting ourselves in Pottery Prison. Meaning we are on the procurement non buying wagon. Yet, here we all are breaking out and cramming our baskets full of new beautiful pottery. Maybe this year we could not jail ourselves. I am setting a new Polish Pottery monthly budget. Here is the genius of a Pottery Budget...if you skip a month, add it to next month’s budget and then buy that amazing item. It is a beautiful solution that will help keep you stuck to your New Year’s resolutions and allow you to get those coveted Polish Pottery items.


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