Where are we going with our Collection?

by Dawn Hoff

It is January of a new year. May it be a much better year. What goals have you made for the direction of your Polish Pottery Collection? Have you even thought about that?

Have you thought about HOW you use the items in your kitchen or home? This process has been essential for me to determine which direction to grow my personal collection. For example, are you a baker? Perhaps you need a selection of muffin tins or cake bakers. Spending some time listing what bakers you use on a regular basis will assist you in boiling down what types and how many beautiful Polish Pottery items you need to collect.

Have you thought about WHAT patterns appeal to you? Polish Pottery artisans create many fabulous patterns. Are you are traditional lady? Or, are you a creative artistic lady? Are you like me, someone who enjoys all the patterns? I have a wonderful blend of beautiful patterns. How do you see your collection in terms of pattern and color? Spend time considering what your favorite color may be. This will help you pick patterns that will always appeal to you.

One last thing I want you to think about is your space. Not only your storage, which in itself is a big consideration for you; also, your display space. How exactly are you going to store and display your perfectly picked out items? Look around your home. Consider alternative spaces in addition to the regular places where you normally store and display your items. Don’t forget up. Where could you put free floating shelves to increase your space?

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