Homemade Baked Goods during Quarantine

by Dawn Hoff



Seems like with every thing crazy these days homemade  baked goods are making a resurgence. Have you tried to find flour? Well, there is none here. So, for all those lucky people who have flour, all those cakes, pies, breads and cookies being mixed up and popped into the oven to fragrance up your kitchen; may the joy and love fill your bellies. Are you using a round baker to bake your cakes?


I’d like to think your cookies are bing stored in beautiful Polish Pottery canisters. I like to see a beautiful canister full of cookies gracing a countertop. Of course, if canisters are not on your owners list, any covered baker will work. Or simply a ziplock and a big bowl (or small bowl depending on how many cookies you baked.)


A plate or cake stand sitting merrily holding a prime delicacy that you spent hours on.  The pretty pattern peeking ever so slightly from under the edges. I also like to use the cookie tray or larger dinner plates to serve cakes too😉.


Wholesome breads made with glorious grains all nestled gently into a basket, bowl, or tray. Steaming hot and smelling delicious waiting patiently for butter or jam. Oh, how I wish my husband would eat homemade bread.


Lastly please try baking a sweet delicious pie in a stunning pie pan. They are glorious steaming hot from the oven. Can you smell the apples? (insert choice pie filling here—— if apple is not your favorite too😂.) Any pie can be made extra special with a good looking Polish Pottery pie pan. 

I hope that you are using your pottery to help fill the many hours with deliciousness during this unique time. If you have not tried baking yet, I highly recommend it. 

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