Keeping it together during crazy

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Y’all, what happened🤷‍♀️ We woke up in the great depression times, in World War 2 times, that is what happened. Only instead of being 19 something it is 2020 and some new viral vector. I wanna say this first, we have been so blessed to live during a period of great wealth and abundance. We have not, until now, known the hardships we are currently experiencing. Our Grandparents and Great Grandparents, immigrants from rationing counties, know all too well, just how sincerely spoiled we have been. How do we find a peace when the life we knew has changed? Well, duh, our Polish Pottery! Think I am off my rocker? Well, lets dissect my thoughts.


 What makes you smile every morning? Besides waking up in the first place? Our Polish Pottery. Am I right? It holds our morning brew. What helps us correct our view on a new day, as fresh reset? Our Polish Pottery mug, which is filled to the brim with our choice of “perk my morning up” drink. Isn’t our toast being set on a sweet Polish Pottery plate? Your butter, jelly or honey served from an appropriate Polish Pottery container? Check one, ✔️, for Polish Pottery helping to make the morning less crazy.


For those of us with Polish Pottery collections which have moved beyond the kitchen. What are you storing your soap in, if I may ask? Oh, that is right! We have soap pumps and soap dishes holding the currently and often mentioned soap! Now, isn’t that helping to keep your world less crazy, by keeping those hands of yours and your family squeaky clean and germ free? Check two,✔️, for Polish Pottery being the glue keeping us healthy.


Are you taking your jewels off at night? (If you aren’t, you should be, but that is a blog for another day) You are! Excellent! Where are you putting it, hum? In a Polish Pottery keeper of some sort on or in your night stand, right? Even better, Polish Pottery is holding the things we value, keeping them safe from loss, wear, and tear. Keeping our valuables safe, keeps us from losing our minds. Check three, ✔️, for Polish Pottery caring for us in trifling times. 

By now, I hope you see how not only can our Polish Pottery’s beautiful attributes create a calming and lovely environment. But, it actually can create a peaceful, calm, and sane environment for us when things take a hard left. Much like this week, just keeping it together during crazy. Please use the code BLOG1 for 15% off regularly priced items including Easter items. Good till March, 25th at 11:59 pm. 

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  • Kim

    Wonderful my dear friend!

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