A New home

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First, I want to thank all of you for the wonderful support you have given to me during this pack up, move, and unpack time. I needed your support more than you know. Secondly, Thank you for your patience during my absence. Am I anywhere through this whole move process? Oh my word, no.  It has been a lifetime since I had to do it myself moving. I can tell ya this much, it is not happening again. Laugh out loud and very deep sighs.


Moving is stressful! Add to that normal and all the not so normal life stress. Throw into that pot, one little, older, falling apart lady: it’s me y’all, the old lady is me! This latest move has been no joke. 😳 However, there is a bright side to moving. Meeting all your beloved treasures again, for the first time.


Opening each box filled with all your beautiful goodies is something similar to Christmas or a Birthday.  You remember them fondly. You look at them in awe. You compliment yourself on your great taste. You fawn over each item calling them, “my pretty” or “oh, you are so lovely,” as you desperately seek to find a home for it. Creating new displays for your new home is exciting and fun. It has to be my favorite part of this entire move.


Finding lost treasures. Yes, I do not know how I managed to lose some of my babies, but y’all, there is missing pottery in this house somewhere
🤷‍♀️. I clearly believe I packed all my hearts pottery with all my hearts goodies. This has turned out not to be so😳. Somewhere, hiding in either a mislabeled box or tote is a Valentine’s hearts pattern bowl. I purchased it specifically for this years Valentines day display. Um, 😒 I am so frustrated over this. Valentine’s display will not be happening this year. You know, I know, we ALL know, it will be in the very last box or tote I open. I bet you money, it is with the missing toothpaste and Kleenex from our old utility room.

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    Just beautiful!!

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