Finding a “perfect home” for it all

by Dawn Hoff

Moving is a beastie. Unpacking is a family reunion. Realizing you have hundreds of items is mind blowing. Am I right? Wondering where you are putting it all... is overwhelming.


I love every item of Polish Pottery I own. A lot were given to me by family or friends for birthdays and holidays. Each one is a gift of love, in my humble opinion. I want to do right by my pottery and do right by that love. I want each piece to be used and seen on a regular basis. In a home with only 2 glass front doors (which happen to be on my hutch,) how am I going to accomplish this one desire?


Y’all, I purged and donated, pretty much, most everything that was not Polish Pottery from my cabinets. I got it in my head that I wanted 1 pottery item per shelf, per door, or 1 type of item, like the 8 perfect bowls or square bakers, per shelf, per door. Am I completely there yet? Oh my noooo.... but, I am getting there. Entirely too slowly.


Finding the perfect home for my Polish Pottery is a process for me. I am indecisive sometimes. Ok, a lot of the time🤔. I over think it, trying to make it perfect, the very first time; and well, yeah, that doesn’t always work out. My last house took me 18 months to move completely into. That is a horrid🤦🏻‍♀️ amount of time. I am so thrilled that all of my babies are on a shelf or on a surface near where I think I want them, and out of their moving boxes. Silently, but beautifully, awaiting me to find them the perfect home somewhere in this new house.







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