The 2 Year Journey

2 comments by Dawn Hoff

Somewhat recently I looked back over my Pinterest boards, one of which is called: Polish Pottery. I scrolled down through years of pins, fondly thinking about all the pieces and patterns I had pinned. All the way down towards the bottom, among the very first ones I had saved, is a beautiful lasagna baker. Wild Fields Medium Baker with its beautiful flowers and lush foliage sitting on a crisp white background with a stunning cobalt trim.

I had saved this gorgeous item nearly 2 years before I had the opportunity to buy it. I keenly remember the feelings I had for the baker as I was saving it for future reference. Then as is so often the case, many of life’s trials and tribulations came and went along with many months. A Marriage to the dreamy man in my life, preparations for downsizing and combining the lives of two mid-age individuals, a cross country move with pets, and locating a new home in a strange place. 

After a few months in our new state, in our new home, the vast majority of our boxes were finally unpacked. It was time to start replacing all the things we thought we could live without. Those generic glass bakers, which sold like lightning at our yard sale six months earlier, apparently, we can not live without them. Off to the internet I went. And so, this is the story of how a beautiful Polish Pottery baker’s 2 year journey ended. With its residence in my lower cabinet and no longer a dream on a list somewhere out there on the internet. 


  • James Collins

    Very beautiful Dawn, I remember our first pieces of pottery, similar experience of planning and saving was going on.

  • Sharon Huxford

    Very nice!!

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