Tea Pots for you and me

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Once upon a time, in my life, a long, long time ago, I wanted to own a tea store. It’s true. I had an account set up with Metropolitan and every estate tea I wanted to carry all picked out. Then life. Isn’t it funny how things don’t work out🤷‍♀️ and it is absolutely ok. I still drink hot tea! When, I feel like a jaunt down memory lane.


To this day, I still keep all my notes on building a tea business. My lists of teas, products I had wished to carry, my brand logo, and all the eco friendly recyclable paper products it was going to be printed on. All safely tucked away, in a special, purple, fuzzy folder, just in case one day, I get an inkling to ever revisit that. For the record, it is not and was not my passion. Maybe, that is one of the many reasons, I did not follow through with that dream.


The reason I bring this story up is: I wanted to carry Polish Pottery tea pots, small plates, cup and saucers. I have a plethora of photos, of Polish Pottery, in that fuzzy purple binder! It is crazy right? The tiny little details that tie every aspect of our lives together? Like my love for Polish Pottery? Which, by the way, was not then, what it is today.  Back then, (nearly 20 years ago) I liked the fact that I could carry the same tea pot, in 30 different patterns and it wasn’t plastic.😑


Now, here is THE thing: back then, I was shopping for others and not for myself. I only figured this out recently, when I thumbed through my fuzzy, purple binder and had an A-ha moment of clarity. When you shop for what you think others would buy, it kinda sorta puts the dampers on the passion. Um no, it really does dampen the passion, there is no kinda about it.


The Polish Pottery tea pot I purchased for myself is, absolutely, nothing like the tea pot I had selected for my store. My store tea pot was traditional in design and would have a very broad mass appeal. The fun was in the patterns. The tea pot I purchased for myself, 18 months ago, is quite angular and avant guard, not something that any ole body would want. This is where the  passion comes into play. When you buy what you love, that which boils your passion, trends and other peoples opinions just don’t matter!




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  • sharon Huxford

    What a lovely idea. I once joked I would open up a light tea/sandwich/pastries/comic book/graphic novel/book store lol

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