So much more than butter and cheese!

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Have you gotten yourself a domed serving dish yet? No! Well, why are you waiting? These serving dishes are for so much more than just butter and cheese! I admit, I mostly use my Spring domed serving dish for serving and keeping salted butter on my counter. I buy the Amish Rolled butter in the log shape because that gives me a head start on fitting my butter patty into my dish. 


First thing I do is, I let the butter soften up a bit to become pliable but not terribly melty. It will moosh all over if it is too soft and we want a nice shaped log when we are done. Then, I carefully unwrap the tucked edges of the butter roll wrapping and lay it out flat as possible. I have hot hands, so this next part is really tricky! I take a spare sheet of wax paper (you can use parchment or even a silpat if you have that) and thin out the log. Do this by rolling the butter back and forth between the 2 wax papers. Start in the middle like you are making a baguette, and press out towards the ends. Continue to roll till it is svelt enough to fit in the server, without touching the edge of the lid. Once I achieve optimal thickness, I rewrap the roll, using my extra wax paper as not to be wasteful, and deliver it into the fridge to set. Melty butter is a hot mess! Once it is firm to the touch but not rock hard, I slice my butter into perfect 2 inch patties. While butter is my main use of my Spring domed serving dish, it is NOT the only one!

Did you know that a single garlic clove will bake nicely in the domed serving dish? The next time you need garlic butter, try your hand at baking your own clove. Now, I probably over cook the bejeesus out of mine, but I want that sweet caramel flavor garlic takes on in the oven. Cut the top off your clove, remove most the paper from it, rub it generously with a really great olive oil, place in the center of the dish, and cover. Pop into the oven and set temp to 375F. Cook for 50 to 55 minutes. Yum! You can also serve your baked garlic in the domed dish as well, as a fancy garlic spread for tiny toasts or crackers. I like to snack on the cloves right off the spoon, they are so creamy and delicious. 

When life gives you lemons and limes...yes, you can store a lemon or 2 small limes in there too. Picky kiddos? Serve them silver dollar pancakes in a domed serving dish! The smaller size of the plate is perfect for the small hands of your children. They will think they are the head of the table and that this is a special meal. A smaller left over muffin can be warmed and served in this dish. The lid keeps the moisture in. I have also heard that some people use it to hide their personal chocolate stash. So, as you can see, the domed serving dish has many more uses than just holding basic dairy products! I can’t imagine not having such a versatile piece in my kitchen. 

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