Polish Pottery: Enhancing daily lives

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A few months before my husband and I moved to California, I purchased my second piece of Polish Pottery. I never used to display my plates and serving items above that which was in my china hutch. Basically, I was boring. Everything I owned pretty much was boring too. I never felt the red hot, burning desire to show off any of my cooking goodies. They were mundane and rather routine. They did not inspire me or enhance my life in any real way. As Marie Kondo would put it, “they did not bring me joy.” What a sad realization, right? Here I am, a 40 something year old woman, in an uninspired kitchen. 


 Polish Pottery has improved my daily meals. Really! I used to not really care too much about what I was eating, or how it looked on the plate, or in the bowl. Once I brought Polish Pottery into my home, it is so pretty that, I consciously want to make better meals, to serve on them. Yummy, good looking meals to complement the beautiful patterns under my food. I know this sounds weird, but I swear my pottery motivates me to be a better cook. Ask my husband. He will swear that I was always a good cook (and I am) and that I go out of my way, more now, to make our meals have a visual flair. Lets face it Polish pottery makes everything better!


 I took a good look around my home the other day and I love what I am seeing. I have been working really had to declutter my life. (Don’t worry, no Polish Pottery items were subject to decluttering👍🏻) Most of the vistas I have created, and curated, all have sweet and meaningful pottery items in them. I have them on the top of the kitchen cabinets. It rests on my island where I can set my IPAD upon it. Pottery adorns my dining room table. It lives in my china hutch. It is in my drawers and behind my cabinet doors. My pets even eat off Polish pottery plates.  Polish Pottery brings a beautiful pop of color to just about every place you could rest your eyes. It’s just a sweet burst of colorful joy. Polish Pottery just makes you happy! It should be everywhere you look, tastefully displayed, for everyone to gaze at and enjoy. Seriously, how many countless hundreds of dollars have I spent to not show them off! Can I get an amen? Amen!


Have you put your Polish Pottery into your bathrooms yet? I know, a whole new room to brighten up using all your fabulous pottery! I have a soap dish in every single bathroom, and my kitchen. I also have a small vase on my vanity next to the sink, keeping all of my make up and nail gadgets. A small cake box contains my floss picks. Have you purchased the small juice tumblers? They are perfect next to your sink. So environmentally friendly. I even saw a post where a friend of mine used her pottery to divide spaces in a drawer. How awesome is that? Opening up a drawer in search of a q-tip and there they are neatly sorted in Polish Pottery. What a fabulous use of it, to enhance a boring old drawer. I store my toity brush in a Polish Pottery bucket. It is so much prettier than those cheesy, plastic brush holders. Your bathroom is a great place to keep a Polish Pottery hand mirror. Or, you could place on on your antique vanity. 


I have set some small tidbit trays next to my guest bed. So that my guests can experience Polish Pottery at night, when they remove their jewelry for a comfortable nights sleep. I try to introduce as many of my friends and family to the affordable luxury of Polish Pottery. For my brother’s last birthday, I sent him a mug that said, “Brat” on it. Hahaha, that is the Polish word for brother. His kids were amused. I am sure most of you already know the extensive and  delightful ways Polish Pottery can and does enhance our lives and our homes. 


  • Kim

    You are so right on the money! My dishes bring me a joy and a happiness in my kitchen every day! And in all the other rooms in my home too! Wonderful story!

  • Betty Ulsas

    Love your blog! I have PP inside and outside my house. Every room has at least a couple of pieces. They are the only dishes we eat off of and what I bake in. I call it my usable art !

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