It is just a sandwich, right?

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Every day I make 2 sandwiches for my husbands lunch. He gets heckled about the lunches I pack for him to take to work, by his colleges. Those lunches save us a couple hundred of dollars a month. He is not eating lunch sandwiches alone though. I eat sandwiches too, every day or most every day, depending on how hungry I am. We keep all kinds of sandwich fixings in the house; because, we will also eat a sandwich as a snack or even a dinner meal. The sandwich has a permanent place in my house. 


I learned, when I was 6, how to grill cheese sandwiches on our pioneer wood burning stove. My mother never mastered cooking on that thing. It was the 70’s and we lived very rural at the time. Our power would go out for weeks. If you wanted to eat, you learned how to cook on the stove. My mother was just not interested in that. Hence, my young age cooking cheese sammys on a wood stove. It is a skill that has carried me through many uncomfortable power outages through the years. Let’s face it everyone loves a fabulous grilled cheese sandwich, even when they are on a diet. 


My Gma used to make me mayo and tomato sandwiches when I was spending my summers with her. Her tomatoes were garden grown by my spinster Great Aunts. I can’t even think about making those sandwiches because the tomatoes we get at the store are terrible. I would never degrade the memory of the wonderful sandwiches my Gma made for me, with horrible bland tasting tomatoes. Now, a BLT oh yes. I will nom nom nom on a home made BLT. 


A sandwich is more than just a nourishing meal in my house. A sandwich is an expression of love, from one family member to another. Whether it was made by my Gma or my husband or even myself. A sandwich made with genuine love, to care for yourself or the recipient, is much more than a meal, a snack, or sustenance. Sometimes a sandwich is so much more than just a sandwich,  


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    I really enjoyed your blog today. It’s a dreary cool spring day & there’s just not much to do. I could clean the house but prefer a good read any day. Thank you & I did share it on my FB page. I hope my friends enjoy it too.

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