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My Father-in-law gave me the most beautiful large scalloped bowl for my birthday last July. Ever since I have slowly accrued quite a collection of scalloped bowls. Now, I have these bowls in all different sizes and patterns. They are just so wonderful. Everything about a scalloped bowl appeals to my sence of taste, style, form, design, and function. 

One of the many attributes of my growing collection that I appreciate most is, that even though not all of the scallops are the same, all my bowls stack neatly in my small china hutch. I have to work within the confines of this small rental home. It is very important these days, that all of my items work with each other in the areas and spaces they inhabit. As you all know by now, versatility is my new mantra! Making use of pretty scalloped bowls in my kitchen and dining room has been so easy!  From my largest birthday gift bowl to my smallest self purchased bowl, I have found so many ways to enhance my life and kitchen; using them daily, whether it is their traditional purpose of serving a dinner dish, all the way to cooking in them. 

Cooking in a serving bowl? Yes! You can indeed cook in a Polish Pottery scalloped serving bowl. I have a lovely medium scalloped bowl I use religiously to bake a Clafoutis, a French fresh fruit cake similar to a baked torte. Do you want to really impress your dinner guests? Bake a Creme Brulee in your 4.5” scalloped bowls. Not only does it taste heavenly, it is also such a beautiful and elegant presentation. It is guaranteed to wow your friend’s and family's sweet teeth. Interested in non cooking presentation ideas? Those small popcorn shrimp look so delicious, when placed into the curves of the rim, of the small scalloped bowl. Line the bowl with a leaf of boston lettuce and nestle a few tablespoons of cocktail sauce in the leaf’s center for a mini shrimp cocktail appetizer. Let’s face it ice cream is always wonderful. It becomes fancy when served in your scalloped bowl, regardless, of the size of the bowl! Cut fruit, pickles & olives, dried fruit, and mixed nut snacks are even more fun to eat out of a pretty scalloped bowl. I like to set them around a conversation area when having a small party. The extra large scalloped bowls can function as a fruit bowl. Just set it on the counter for an easy to grab, healthy snack, as you run out the door. 

In addition to all the basic food functions of a small bowl, you can use them as a soap dish next to your sink. They are perfect as a small trinket holder next to a guest bed, on the nightstand. This way your overnight guest has a place to put their small personal items like: ear rings, rings, or hair barrettes. This small touch is appreciated by weary travelers. Small pet in your home? Here is another great option for feeding your furry friend using your pretty Polish pottery. Fido’s or Fluffy’s meal, daintily served, daily in an adorable scalloped bowl. It’s perfect for that pampered pet.

With all the wonderful ways to use Polish pottery scalloped bowls, can’t you see why I have become obsessed? Believe me when I tell you, these fantastic bowls could quite easily become your obsession too.  

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