Don’t use your Polish Pottery? WHAT!

3 comments by Dawn Hoff

I absolutely must speak out upon this issue of people not using their pretty Polish Pottery every single day. Nothing on this planet, except for “Admin please delete if not allowed,” makes my brain do a record skip or a tire squeal, faster or harder than someone saying, “oh, I could never use this piece of Polish pottery”😳 Really! Well why not? Polish pottery is designed to be not only beautiful, extremely functional, AND meant to be used every day ladies! It is a sturdy product. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I have dropped one of my pieces on this horrible rental tile counter top and the pottery survived, much to my amazement, just fine.

Please understand that Polish Pottery is called stoneware for a reason, right! They fire the pottery to thousands of degrees to turn it into a product which is hard as stone. Stone is an extremely durable product. There is a reason why many people choose to put stone all over their kitchens. Durability. Polish pottery is an extremely durable product. For the past few hundreds of years, the people of Boleslawiec have been using these gorgeous items every day. There is no reason to handle them with kid gloves, of ye old times. You really have to put an effort into breaking your pottery. It is not that porcelain stuff your Grandmother could see her hand through when she held it up to a candlelight. Now that, is some fragile stuff. Just look at it wrong and you have a chip. 

Polish pottery is so durable that it is rated for freezing, oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. There is nothing really you can’t use your Polish pottery for. They even make lawn ornaments because the glaze prevents the sun’s UV rays from degrading the colors. They make planters for your house plants and herbs. Now, if that is not the epitome of durability, I do not know what else is. Take that lovely platter off your wall and cook up a big juicy turkey on it. Serve it to your family; yes, you should even carve your bird on it! Then if anything is left over stick it in the fridge for another day. Ladies, USE your beautiful pottery...I beg you! It will enhance your meals, and your life. Polish Pottery just makes you happy. 


  • Karen Zachariah

    Love the article and I agree! I personally enjoy my food more when it is served on Polish Pottery.

  • Marissa Neal

    Love your articles and I love Ewa!!!

  • Betty Nester

    Polish pottery is the world’s best stoneware!!!

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