A Glowing holiday season

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What I really enjoy about the holidays is the warmth and joyful glow everything and everyone seems to have.  Know what I mean? It is different from other times of the year.  Like summer, or even spring.  It is the time of year when people who do not do decorations for other holidays, decorate their homes and their lawns, with fun items that glow and trim a tree with lights.


Our holiday season is in winter time. Keeping the home warm in winter also helps produce that holiday glow. Even if you don't have a fireplace, or have one and don't use it. Something, about cranking up the heat when the temperatures drop and the snow falls, just creates this wonderful soul reviving feeling. One that I can not recall a specific name for, but it is toasty and warm and only happens during the holidays.  You know what I am saying! January just doesn’t have the same joy de vive. 😕


Another reason for the holiday glow is the gathering of people. Individuals we love and care deeply for, those whom we may not have seen since last year or even many years. I always look forward to collecting my friends and family around a table, to break some bread, feast upon a ham, and indulge in libations. Even if the meal is mundane as a soup or flamboyant as flaming turkey wings, it is always the best meal ever. The glow from the energy of the people around me, lights up the table and my heart.


Holiday luminaries light up my season. I just can not express to you how much I love them. Even the paper bag luminaries people line their driveways with, I enjoy them.  Last year a sweet friend sent me a Christmas tree luminary. It is so cute with a small star on top. It glows so perfectly. Last year it was the center piece of my holiday meal table. This year we have placed it under our tiny tree. The flickering led tea light just creates the most joyful twinkling light. I relax  just looking at it, as it bathes our holiday display in a warm and golden glow.


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