Friends of Polish pottery Monthly recipe contest

2 comments by Ewa Arreola

Hello Everyone,

A group of my friends and family was having a BBQ last weekend, and someone came out with a great suggestion;

Why don't we have a monthly best recipe contest...just post your recipe on this blog, with a picture of your dish on Polish pottery, and the winning cook/baker will receive a piece from my pottery collection!

It will be a wonderful way to share your creations, keep in touch and start collecting all these new pieces of pottery!...




  • Valerie goodwin

    I have used this gorgeous pottery for a few years. It’s stunning, practical, multi-purpose and can I say again, stunning! I use this pottery for everyday and special occasions. Thank you for this beautiful line. Valerie from Morgan hill.

  • Goska Minko

    How to enter into your recipe contest?

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