The best gift ever!

by Dawn Hoff

In my humble opinion, Polish Pottery is the best gift ever. I am not saying that because I have a small hoard of it tucked away into the nooks and crannies of my house....I do. I am saying that because: it is absolutely true!


Who should you to give Polish Pottery to? Well in short, everyone. There are so many patterns and so many versatile items, in the line up, that you absolutely could find a gift, to give to every single person on your list. I have written several blog posts on the amazing uses of different pottery items. This is when thinking out of the box really is a valuable asset. I reckon one day soon, I will be sending my father a small canister for odd and end nuts and could happen! Maybe send him a pump soap dispenser for his gojo too. Wouldn’t you want to see Polish Pottery at your auto mechanics shop? I have given Polish Pottery to just about every male member of my family, and they ALL love it. A birthday girl, an anniversary couple, anyone attending a gift giving event, anyone who has something to celebrate, Polish Pottery is the perfect gift for everyone. 


Polish Pottery is useable, unlike some gifts. I can not tell you how many cute adorable gifts I have received that were utterly not useful. I am sure many people have experienced this phenomena as well. It is some gift exchanging event and you are just stoked to the max. Then sorta let down because you were hoping to get a beautiful new item of Polish Pottery. You are registered at EVERY dealer known to mankind, and you received....drum roll....socks. I am not saying socks are a horrible gift. They are cute and sweet, and your sock drawer is overflowing. You know that that twinge I am speaking of. That slight sadness. You could have used a Polish pottery ramekin, or another oval baker to complete your set. I am not saying you are not thankful for those socks. You are, AND, Polish Pottery would have been more useful and useable gift for you. OK! Me, more useable gift for me. 


If all else fails, give me cash; so, I can go buy myself Polish Pottery. The second best ever gift, in my world, is cash. Any form of cash. The green stuff, a check made out to me, or a gift card. It all is highly useful to procure beautiful Polish Pottery gifts. A large portion of my collection, is items that I have received as gifts, for holidays and birthdays. I don’t think it would be the nice collection it is, or expansive collection it is, if my friends and family had not gifted these beautiful items to me. I enjoy using these elegant gifts of love. Some, I know I would never be able to afford if they had not been presented to me in the form of a gift. Polish Pottery is a gift that keeps on giving, not only in beauty, but also in usability and versatility. It is always received with cheerful glee and ecstatic ohs and ahs. Which special person in your life have you decided to give Polish Pottery to? 

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