Share your Polish Pottery with friends

by Dawn Hoff

I love having house guests. I am one of those people who could easily adapt to communal living. I enjoy the sounds of others knocking around the house, enjoying themselves, and all my home has to offer. I also enjoy the company. I like all kinds of folks, from  the most laid back, to the highest of maintenance people. I appreciate the colors they bring with them when they visit.

I have had friends cycle through my home, visiting, living with me, off and on over the years. I even rented out both my spare bedrooms to roommates. I LOVED having roommates! I have found entertaining people with my Polish Pottery is even more enjoyable. I really do love sharing my love of this functional art with everyone I know.

This past week I finally had the chance to serve my guests an entire meal prepared in and served on Polish Pottery! I am so happy. I finally have enough Polish Pottery to actually make a whole meal. Squee! 🤗I have been dreaming about this day for years. Dreams do come true. It may take some time though.

Parting is always sweet sorrow. At the end of a visit, I am always happy and sad. Both at the same time. Happy because, someone I care about has had a wonderful time. Sad because, I may not see this person again for a very long time. I feel “Sappy” (I made up a new word for happy and sad all that the same time😂) because life always cuts short a fantastic visit.

 I enjoy having shared something I love with my guests. I hope that my peeps enjoyed using the beautiful pottery. And, I secretly hope, that I have planted the Polish Pottery bug with them, to take away and maybe one day, start their own collections.

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