Moving your Polish Pottery to new digs

by Dawn Hoff

Life sometimes throws us curve balls. Wake up one day and you discover that you are moving. Sound like a fresh new start right! You are excited and happy for the new scenery and the new environment. It is like a new lease on life. But wait there is more😂


You have to pack your Polish Pottery. Let that sink in for a moment. If you are anything like me, you have it gracing nearly every room in your home.  You have a metric ton of Polish Pottery! We spend a good amount on the beautiful item we have collected. We cherish each piece. How am I going to pack it all up so that it is safe? (If you don’t ever have to move, I envy you with the passion of a thousand suns.) I am probably going to sound a bit like a hoarder here, but I do keep all the boxes that come with my pottery. For that day when the inevitable comes my way...moving day.

I love the boxes that have the piece dedicated styrofoam inserts. Difficult to store but those are easy peasy packs. Open the box, fit the pottery into it’s clearly defined spot, and tape it shut. The boxes that have plastic bubble wrap, papers, and peanuts are the more difficult ones. I do store the peanuts and bubble wrap in tubs and flat store the boxes. My memory of exactly which item went in each box is to say, a wee bit fuzzy. ( I guess from now on I need to mark what was in this box!) I have been blessed to receive so many items safely and undamaged. I hope that I can wrap these back up as well as the shippers.

I have tubs and tub of packing items. Here is my plan of action. For the flat stored boxes. Paper wrap every pottery item, minimum 3 layers as suggested. If it is hollow I am going to stuff them. Next, I plan on minimum 2 layers of bubble wrap. I will be placing a layer of peanuts on the bottom of the box with a bubble layer on top of them. Place the pottery in the box so that it is not wonky, and not over or under stuffed. Then I will fill the gaps with more peanuts. Top it off with bubble wrap and tape this box shut. I need to remember to itemize each box.


Because we have quite a bit of overlap on our moving time and because our move is local; y’all, I am moving my pottery one truck bed load of boxes at a time. I won’t be have movers dropping my boxes or boxes shifting in a U-haul this time. However, I should mention that Polish Pottery is actually stoneware. It is highly durable. I am quite sure I am being precious with my packing, treating it like my Japanese fine, see through china. But, I just can’t help myself.


Moving day isn’t for the faint of heart.  You  just have to know, in your heart of hearts, that you packed your pottery the best you can and roll with it. The final destination and the unpack is the ultimate answer, of how well you did moving your Polish Pottery to new digs.

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