How far would you go for Polish Pottery?

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Do you travel? How far would you travel for Polish Pottery? I hear stories about people traveling across the world to attend the Polish Pottery Arts Festival in Poland.....dreams and goals. So far, the furthest I have traveled is 3 days away, to buy Polish Pottery. I know, I live in a pottery desert. I did not ask for husband did and his job obliged.🤦🏻‍♀️


Unbeknownst to me, I used to live about a 4 hour drive away from a Pottery Shop, when I lived in Florida. What! My mind was blown. Oh the tears, they fell that day. What a missed opportunity. Discovering such a close place, once I moved 2500 miles away. Just disturbing on so many pottery buying levels. Thankfully for the internet, 100% of my pottery buying needs are met. However, there is just something so joyous, so wonderful, so utterly fantastic, about lurking the isles of a Polish Pottery shop or warehouse. It is a glorious heaven on earth.



Did you know I travel with my pottery? I do. Polish Pottery travel mugs are an environmentally friendly option to disposable drink cups with single use plastic tops. Starbuck and most 7/11 type stores will charge you slightly less for refills when you take your own mug in. I will take a ten cent savings when I can. Every dime saved goes towards new Polish Pottery anyways. I also see many collectors traveling with their Lemon Ladies. How cute is that? Adventures with Helga or Berta. They take photo blogs of the cute things the Lemon Ladies do on their vacays and then post them on FaceBook. I have often thought I should do something similar, for my dog. Roaming with Roman or some such, I don’t know, just a fleeting thought. Roman travels with his Polish Pottery Food dish. How spoiled is my dog? He isn’t the only one. My cat Dewey has his own pottery that goes on the road too. 🤷‍♀️ The things we do for love...of Polish Pottery.


  • James Collins

    Yes I would fly right back to Poland!

  • Kim

    Yep, flew to Poland for the festival, yep, traveled with a lemon lady, yep, will do it again!
    ❤️To Roman!
    Love your blog! 😘😘

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