Holidays are around the corner!

by Dawn Hoff

Have you thought about the holidays which are rapidly heading our way? Oh lawdy, I did. This year I have single handedly liberated the quantity of decorations and numbers of trees from my possession. We move a lot. My tastes have changed. I am in a new relationship. Do I really need a myriad of Tupperwares, full of doodads, to put on my tree? Am I still a set stuff all over the house kind of girl? Is 3 trees necessary for a happy holiday for 2 people? The answer is, not any more!

I was gifted the most adorable Polish Pottery Luminary tree last year. I love this tree. It came from someone who is special to me and I treasure this tree. (Sounding kone mari? Sorta, but not really, if I were doing the Japanese love it, joy method, my husband and I would be naked, homeless, and starving.) Any hows, back to my point. This tree made me decide to take a hard look at all of my holiday stuff in a new light, and apply it to my current living situation, point in life, and to scrutinize all my holiday things. Doing so, can open up a whole mess of worms, ask me how I know!

Does it stay or does it go? Most of it went. Seriously, I donated over 50% of my holiday ornaments and 2 of my 3 trees. I am actually considering donating more. Mostly, because, My husband and I are newly weds and my ornaments, nice as they were, did not reflect this relationship. 90% of them were collected during other relationships and I do not want those memories flooding over the new joy of the season with my new husband and the new memories he and I will make. This is a radical point of view for me. I admit it, I have hoarding tendencies. 🤷‍♀️

My holiday boxes sat in my hall way for 5 months. I am not kidding. I went through every item, piece by piece, making what I think now, were way over thought choices. What to keep and what to go. Every week, one box at a time, one box out the door. I reduced a hoard my mother would have been proud to own, down to 6. As I sit here writing this blog, I am thinking, 🤔I probably can reduce two more boxes.

I totally blame Polish Pottery for this shift in my thinking. My beautiful pottery luminary gift from my beautiful friend. The adorable Polish Pottery holiday ornaments my husband and I picked out together last Christmas. The move where we ended up over weight, for a household of two. These things really brought me to a point where I needed to take a hard look at who am I now. What is important to me now? And last but not least, do I want to keep toting holiday things that are no longer applicable to my life, all over the world now? Um, that would be a resounding NO. Not any more.

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