A Fabulous Soup Tureen

by Dawn Hoff

It took me a long time to break down and buy a soup tureen. I was worried about several things when considering the one I purchased: the price, the usefulness, and which design would keep me happy long term, as I can wake up one day and think, “oh, why did I buy that one?” I do tend to way over think my purchases making actually buying something, an extremely long process. Hey, it is complicated🤷‍♀️


When looking at buying a tureen one thing I noticed, they are an investment in beauty. As usual, this investment took me quite some time to save for. I know, bills ruin all my grand plans. Let me just say this, they are well worth every dime spent on them. If you are registered for notifications you might even receive a wonderful coupon to assist you in making this purchase. I highly recommend making a list of large Polish Pottery purchases, to help manage how and when, to make an investment in a larger costing item. I try.


Let me tell you how useful my soup tureen has been. We went to a local party, I stuffed that tureen absolutely slap full of tater tots. I know, tots for 50. There was so much room for several trays of tater tots and what a wow presentation. Bonus, it radiated heat and kept them warm once set out. Today, we got our very first hello fresh box. There were 24 ounces of fingerling potatoes. My tureen is currently corralling all those tiny potatoes. Can you serve soup in here? Yes! However, I have not yet gotten to that basic use of a soup tureen. Fruit salad👍🏻 Ewa just informed me that you can also use your tureen as a dutch oven. Stick a piece of bread in the space for the soup ladle and voila: Dutch Oven, ready for pot roast. What can I say, generally items are never used as intended in my home. It is a very rare occurrence. 


Picking a pattern can be the worst. There are so many beautiful patterns to choose from. How does one decide on just one? That is the question of the year, right! I highly suggest looking at what you currently have in your collection. Is there a repeating theme? Or are you a 1 pattern collector? If you collect 1 pattern, this paragraph does not apply to you, because you are bold and know exactly what you want. Go buy that soup tureen in your pattern of obsession! The rest of us gonna twiddle our fingers and twist our hair while carefully pondering this decision. If your pottery does not have clear theme, what are you liking right now? Maybe there is a tureen that will contain that like in its pattern. Maybe, you can find one that complements your collection in a pattern you have not gotten yet and really like. Perhaps, there is 1 pattern on an item in your collection that you could possibly duplicate. That is what I did and they complement every other item in my collection. That pattern had been in my collection for months. I was comfortable with it, liked it, and use it daily. It made since to me that I would be happy for a long time with that pattern. So, I bought it. I am so very pleased with my purchase. You can be too. 



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